New Comics Wednesday

So who saw our Save the Date Invitation for Bruce and Selina? Batman issue #44 covers are so awesome, I had to get both so I can have it as part of my collection. That dress is so pretty.  Anyways, this weeks comic books are very promising also. What is with all the characters getting married?
On Marvel's side, Kitty and Colosus are also getting married. That cover look super cute.
Lastly, Action Comics is at #1000. What a milestone! Many times when we think of comics, Superman will the poster child for Comics, and we are ecstatic to see it be able to reach it's #1000 issue. Make sure to pick up yours for this week.


action comics #1000.jpg
action comics #1000 1930s.jpg
green lanterns #45.jpg
harley quinn #42.jpg
avengers #689.jpg
ms marvel #29.jpg
star wars poe dameron #26.jpg
x-men gold #26.jpg
rumble #5.jpg
skyward #1.jpg
warframe #4.jpg