Toy Tuesday

We haven't had a Toy Tuesday in hecka long! Who saw the E-3 conference, cause we are super excited for some of the games that are going to be coming out soon. I think we are excited for the Kingdom Hearts game because it is long overdue, and we are wiggling in out seats in excitement, which is why we are getting inventory of the Keyblade key chains. ( Like how we just tied that in? ;D). Also as a normal order, we still get figures for classics such as Godzilla and UltraMan, just to keep that cool import thing we do alive.

For those who do not live close to San Francisco, please check out our ebay site. You can click HERE to be directed to our ebay store in a new window.

P.S. Just a question so that we can make out site better, or continue doing what we are doing with posts. Do you find these posts helpful, when it comes to seeing a small portion of our inventory before coming in for the product? What are your opinions?


Select Ghostbusters ser 2 Dana

Select NBX Santa Jack

Godzilla Kaiju. Gigsn Px fig 2004

Heros x Threezero UltraMan

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Fenrir Key chain

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Ultima Key chain

Funko pop FCBD2018 Saga. Bloody Lying Cat

Funko Pop Deadpool Bob Ross Parody