We are at WonderCon!

If you are visiting WonderCon, make sure to come by to visit our booth! For all the Magic the Gathering players, we will have your favorite packs there. For collectors, Those Hot Toys you can never find anymore, will be available for purchase.
Lastly for the ones that are up for a mystery, our Anime Blind Bags are worth the price. We don't put in junk or fillers. 
Don't let this opportunity pass you by, or you will have to wait for the next large convention in California to find us.


Wonder Con 2018

Wonder Con 2018

Dragon Ball Super TCG Tournament


Tournament Date: Sunday, November 5th 2017 at 2pm
Tournament Fee: $10. 

Please arrive 30 min early to sign up.
Swiss constructed format. Rounds based on number of participants.
Prize payout to the top half.
First and second place will receive one Dragon Ball Super tournament promo pack


For detail about how to play the game, please visit the Dragon Ball Super TCG website at